The Team

Welcome to J. Edgar and Associates Inc. . . partners in Technical search. We have been providing Leading Canadian and International firms with the best talent since 1992. We are dedicated to providing you with unique and effective search solutions.

We specialize in a wide range of industries which exposes us to a great variety of career opportunities.

Our mission is to identify the best fit for your evolving employment needs.


Joan Edgar, President and CEO

Joan joined Toronto's most prestigious search firms Opportunities Unlimited in the early seventies and quickly set industry achievement records. At the same time, she improved employment agency practices by introducing  a  professional  code of ethics by which  J. Edgar and Associates operates today.

qIn the early 1990's Joan saw the need to specialize in the future of technology and allied herself with like minded futurists to create a local and international network. qJoan established relationships with industry leaders such as Fortune 500 companies and many  leading Canadian and international corporations, offering a broad range of technical employment opportunities.


Cris Murray, Vice President Recruitment and Training

Cris Murray  joined J. Edgar in 1994 after graduating from York University. While at York, Cris began to intern with J. Edgar as a research associate.

Cris became an instant success creating enduring relationships, with both clients and candidates. Her strong people skills has contributed to her developing an extensive repository  of very satisfied clients and  happy candidates. It did not take long for Cris to spearhead the creation of J. Edgar's new internal  Relational  Database system. This enabled the recuiting team to instantly identify  and promote the most applicable candidates.






Jason Edgar, Vice President Technology and Communication

Jason Edgar's career began in Advertising and Marketing for an Industry leading Canadian firm while attending the University of Toronto.

Upon graduation, Jason led J. Edgar and Associates into the age of  e- commerce. Through his affiliations in media, Jason was able to create our first active and successful Website in 1995.  Not only did we have an electronic presence, but it became a useful seek and search tool in the recruiting process.  

Recently, Jason has developed a new recruiting tool which is a video presentation  in a wholly compatible format. Candidates are presented in a real time video format. Jason complements the strength of the executive team with his forward thinking

During his spare time Jason is a Certified Power Squadron Offshore Sailing Captain.

Herb Botkin, Vice President Business Development, Health Sciences

Herb brings his unique ability to deliver a corporate vision from concept to completion as an innovator of business processes and delivery systems.  A highly skilled interviewer and effective communicator, Herb drives change for the acceptance of innovative, cost effective sourcing solutions with the private and public sectors.

Herb is a team leader who works in collaboration with Professionals at all levels.

A senior executive with over 20 years experience in the Pharmaceutical and Insurance sectors.

Herb graduated Cum Laude from York University in Toronto, holding a Bachelor of Administrative Studies (B.A.S.) with distinction.

Herb has been involved with the J. F. Community Economic Development Project and is a Volunteer for the Arthritis society of Canada and York University Alumni.


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