Useful tips for your job interview.

Interview Tips from Jason Edgar

1.  Know the 4 Main questions, and have answers and explanations for;

Why you are there, what you can do for the company, how you will fit in and how you will go that Extra mile to get your job done.

Successful companies are looking for people with initiative and drive, they are looking for people who know what needs to be done and who are not afraid of doing it.  Always remember to use examples of how you made 'things happen' in your previous work experiences.

2.  Know the Company.  You'll know that you've done enough company research when you can boldly look into the eyes of the Interviewer and state why you are there and why you want to work for the company.  Practice with a mirror and develop phrases to exemplify your company and industry knowledge and how your position impacts the whole business model.

3.  Know your Role.  It is vital that you know the daily, weekly and monthly requirements and responsibilities in the position for which you are interviewing.   Knowing the regimen of the role so intimately will convert you from Job Seeker to Problem Solver, and every Hiring Manager wants a Solver. Know your role, portray the part.

4.  What are you joking?  No more hints - good luck.


Food for thought.

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